Raw material supply chain development and maintenance

Our mission is to get our allies at the front of the line in the interagency process to maximize existing opportunities with the US government

Greentech Supply’s goal is to provide the U.S. public and private sectors with ethically sourced critical minerals and rare earth elements necessary for 21st century technologies. 

By focusing on U.S. and allied critical mineral supply chains, we aim to strengthen our nation’s security and set high environmental and ethical standards for mineral mining and processing. 

Greentech Supply aims to provide the U.S. public and private sector with the tools they need to address the new challenges that threaten our global supply chain. 

We provide ethically sourced materials from trusted U.S. partners and allies who seek to revolutionize the face of critical minerals mining and processing with advanced technologies and high environmental and human rights standards. 

Greentech Supply’s goal is to supply the public and private sectors with the raw materials needed to address evolving critical material stockpiling challenges. Our team provides the tools needed to address the most critical industry priorities, including supply chain risk management, the modernization of U.S. business processes, and overall mission assurance. Greentech Supply aims to provide the U.S. the capability and capacity needed to decrease dependence on malign influencers as suppliers, in favor of sources from our partner nations and allies, thus strengthening our nation’s preparedness in times of national crisis.

Supply Services

Raw materials suppliers


Consumers (off-take)

Capital (debt, equity, alternative)


Hand-selected special forces personnel to protect and mitigate risks within the critical mineral supply chain sector.


We engage with U.S. industry, federal and state governments on critical mineral and rare earth element processing.