Hand-selected tier one special operations personnel and senior foreign affairs personnel to protect and mitigate risks within the critical mineral supply chain sector.

Our mission is to get our allies at the front of the line from an interagency standpoint for the opportunities that existing US government policies provide. 



Close Protection

Cyber | Consulting | Close Protection

Greentech Defense provides hand-selected advisors and consultants from the United States Military Special Mission Units and other Special Operations Forces. Our leaders are experienced in multinational and high-profile government and political engagements, national security, counterterrorism, and infrastructure threat assessments and can operate around the globe and domestically. 

Hand-selected tier one special operations, interagency, and private sector personnel to protect, de-risk and mitigate all threats within the raw materials supply chain.

Defense Services 

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resiliency¬†
  • Physical Security Encompassing Executive Protection to Site Security
  • Cybersecurity
  • Global Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Analytical Intelligence Support Across Your Enterprise
  • Holistic De-Risking Approach for Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery


We engage with U.S. industry, federal and state governments on critical mineral and rare earth element processing.


Critical mineral supply chain development and maintenance