We engage US industry and establish the States as a center for critical mineral and rare earth element processing.

Our mission is to get our allies at the front of the line from an interagency standpoint for the opportunities that existing US government policies provide. 

Advocating for policy development and funding solutions

Supporting front-of-the-line allies by connecting them with opportunities

Paving customized paths for success

Analyzing local challenges and increasing international cooperation

Strengthening national security and modernizing US processing and refining capabilities

We prioritize pragmatic and effective engagement with key members and staffers through carefully crafted strategies and tailored approaches. Aside from in-person meetings and engagements with US government officials, Greentech tracks and reports on legislation and committee hearings consistently in order to map out the best possible avenues for our clients. 

Additionally, we advocate for policy development and funding solutions for our allies in the critical materials supply chain sector. Whether our allies need advice and access to existing policy benefits or they need a new path to policy change paved, Greentech can provide the unique solution necessary for our global suppliers. In paving customized paths for success, our team analyzes local challenges and aims to increase international cooperation through initiating government-to-government communications. 

Policy Advisory 

Greentech specializes in the formation, integration, and expansion of federal and state government relations strategies. Using our very senior-level experience and bipartisan approach, we craft plans that are tailored to the unique demands of our clients, helping them navigate the dynamic and ever-changing world of state and federal policies.  

Located in Northern Virginia, Greentech focuses primarily on engagement with the DC based private sector, interagency, and on Capitol Hill. Greentech also works with the key leaders in US states and territories. We provide clients a broad and diverse range of government relations that stem from our decades of experience crafting policy at both the local, state, and federal level. 

  • Legislative, executive and regulatory lobbying
  • Bill/rule drafting
  • Intelligence gathering and issue monitoring
  • Marketing and procurement
  • Policy analysis and message development
  • Political counsel
  • Relationship building and management

Reputation Advisory

Greentech specializes in crafting public affairs strategies that establish our clients as subject matter experts and industry leaders. Our programs define the narrative around current and future opportunities for our clients and their ventures.

  • Reputational risk analysis and strategy
  • Issues management
  • 24/7 monitoring and analysis
  • Crisis management and response
  • Crisis preparation and simulations
  • Stakeholder mapping, outreach and engagement
  • Influencer and third-party ally engagement
  • Online reputation management
  • Regulatory and compliance support
  • Stakeholder engagement programs
  • Crisis simulation and training
  • Strategic counsel

Federal Advisory (DFC, EXIM, etc)

Greentech provides unparalleled advice on the right pathways to fund clients’ endeavors via public funding options offered by state and federal government. Additionally, Greentech gives advice on a range of options, including all grants, lending, loan guarantees and both debt and equity financing via the US Export Import Bank, the Development Finance Corporation, and other sources.

  • Federal funding and appropriations
  • State appropriations and budgets
  • Structured finance planning


Hand-selected special forces personnel to protect and mitigate risks within the critical mineral supply chain sector.


Critical mineral supply chain development and maintenance