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Greentech Minerals Corp.

Greentech Minerals Corp. is the premier strategic advisory and consulting service with a focus on building U.S. allied supply chains, supporting the U.S. allied manufacturing base, and providing global security and de-risking strategies in the critical minerals production and renewable energy supply chain sectors. Formed in 2021 by a group of former top-level officials in commerce, intelligence, and defense, our unique access and insight will provide the finest combination of government and investor relations necessary for securing critical public-private financing solutions in difficult areas.

Greentech has made significant steps towards creating a more secure and diverse critical mineral and rare earth element (REE) supply chain within the U.S. and globally. In an effort to diversify the U.S. critical mineral and REE supply chain, we have partnered with U.S. allies within the Five-Eyes Alliance (FVEY). Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK are only some of the partners that we are working with around the globe. We have created client-tailored plans in order to encourage U.S. government policies that serve to diversify and change the face of our current global supply chain. Our partners can offer the world a vast majority of the critical minerals and rare earths needed for the global shift towards renewable energy and electric vehicle use. Greentech has partnered with these allies in order to have their voices heard by the top policy makers in the Capitol.

In addition to initiating these crucial conversations with policy makers and embassy leaders, Greentech is working to improve the supply chain by introducing a new wave of important critical minerals and rare earths. In an effort to refresh the outdated definition of critical minerals and rare earths within government, we have called to attention a new wave of minerals that could serve to revolutionize critical minerals as we know them today. Scandium, for example, can strengthen and improve the performance of aluminum alloys needed for transport applications. In addition to improving the performance of aerospace, marine, and EV applications, scandium-strengthened alloys provide a far more environmentally conscious use of minerals, increasing their performance and extending their use.

Greentech has also made the effort to revolutionize the use of critical minerals and REEs by addressing technologies that maximize the potential of resources on U.S. soil. We have brought technologies such as REE extraction from coal by-product to the attention of policy makers within the U.S. government, proving that the technologies in West Virginia can and should be replicated in all states. Putting coal waste to use with newfound environmentally conscious technologies could create a significant supply of REEs within U.S. boarders, mitigating the reliance on a single-source supply chain. Aside from strengthening the U.S. supply chain, helping policy makers replicate this technology within their own states will create an opportunity for the U.S. to become a global processor for critical minerals and rare earths.

about us
about us

Designing Custom & Comprehensive Solutions

From extraction and processing to building a robust and durable supply chain for advanced technologies, we provide expert guidance on utilization of all US interagency government tools and capabilities, combined with a comprehensive network of private capital leaders, foreign partners, and US government contacts to de-risk capital investment in emerging and frontier markets around the globe. We create unique pathways to move challenging projects forward for our clients. If you have a goal that is essential to moving US-allied interests forward, we can design a custom and comprehensive solution that allows you to achieve complete success. Simply put, at Greentech Minerals Advisory Group, we will either find an existing path, or we will create a new one.