Greentech Minerals Advisory Group

The top guns in global supply chain support for U.S. and allied partners.

We provide a unique combination of military, congressional and executive branch experience that inform and shape U.S. policy.

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Our proven track record includes engaging with U.S. allies and partner nations to inform and influence top policymakers at the state, local, federal, and international levels.

Access a new wave of critical
minerals and rare earths

Along with existing domestic and foreign mineral sources, we secure new ones. These ethically sourced minerals fuel the next generation of commercial and defense technologies.

Secure public-private financing solutions in difficult areas

We secure financing, including handling credit approval and documentation, through state and public funding, leading mining banks, and alternative sources.

Be on the forefront of the
global shift to renewables

Together with our partners, we offer access to the critical minerals and rare earth elements needed for the global shift towards renewable energy and electric vehicle use.

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Dennis Bartow

Founder & CEO

National security & strategic competition expert

Brock Mergist

Chief Operating Officer

National security & global operations expert

Ned Rauch-Mannino

Chief Development Officer

Global markets & commercial diplomacy expert

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